Beacon Falls Community Garden plots are available to residents of Beacon Falls. There is a limit of one plot per resident or family.  Plot owners must be 18 years old.  Payment of  yearly fees, submission of an application, signed waiver and signed regulations is required before you begin gardening. Plots that are not planted as of June 20th will be reassigned. In this event the plot fee will not be returned. Returning gardeners have until April 1st to submit their application to keep the same plot.

BFCG is an Organic Garden 
No herbicides or non-organic pesticides may be used. This includes RoundUp and Preen. No pressure treated materials are to be used in the garden. 

Parking is available in the driveway, back out of the driveway if possible, to avoid running over the garden hose. If the driveway is full, please park on the even side of the street.

 Dispose of weeds and plant materials in designated compost areas at the rear of the property. No debris of any kind should be left at the site.  Bring trash out with you.

Pets are NEVER allowed in the garden. This is a health issue. Outside the garden fence, dogs must be leashed at all times, as is the case in all public spaces in Beacon Falls.

.Tidy Garden
  •  Do not allow sprawling crops or tall ones to interfere with others, such as by blocking sunlight.
  •  Keep insects and weeds under control. Out-of-control weeds are an indication that the garden is not being maintained and can result in loss of your plot.
  •  Keep rocks out of pathways and borders. Only low lying border fencing (two feet or less) may be used around your plot. All border fencing, plant stakes and 
         debris must be removed by November 1st. 
  •  Gardeners are required to keep the fence and pathways adjacent to their plots, (foot paths between plots and the main pathway) free of  weeds and covered with wood chips. 
Pitch In!
Gardeners will be assigned a garden task that they will be responsible  to complete during the year.  BFCG will hold an orientation in at which time you may choose your task. If you cannot attend the orientation, a task will be assigned.

  • Taking produce from another plot is not permitted without the consent of the plot owner.
  •  If vandalism or theft occurs, notify the garden administrator immediately. Help us discourage losses by questioning unfamiliar faces.

 Water will be provided on site. Gardeners are asked to conserve water at all times. Please do not leave water running and roll the hose up again after use. Mulching your garden plot is a great way to reduce water usage and enhance the health of your plants.

Three Strikes
You will be contacted  if any of the above regulations have been breached, one week will be given to respond  and to rectify the situation. A second attempt will be made to contact you and another week will be given to respond and to rectify the situation. A third attempt will result in the loss of your plot that will be reassigned at the discretion of the BFCG administrator and denial of application for the following year. Please avoid this by notifying the administrator of sickness, injury or a vacation and we will help! Also, please make sure that contact information is current with the BFCG administrator.

 Your compliance with the above regulations will help everyone have an enjoyable and prosperous garden.